Recent News Update

The National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority has increased its fees and charges by 12% on all the quarantine services that it carries out. The new Fees and charges for the services it provides is effective as of the 1st of January 2010. Therefore, we advise that you see the new fees and charges list and adhered to it. Please follow the link below to access the new fees and charges list in PDF.

Fees and charges for quarantine services

Papua New Guinea’s are closely connected with their natural resources and the environment and much of the population is dependent on agriculture production. Introduction of exotic pests and diseases will endanger the health of our plants and animals, the environment and livelihoods of Papua New Guinea’s at large.

In order to protect these natural resources and our environment, quarantine officers at the international airports and wharves screen all flights, sea vessels, passengers, crew, baggage, mail and cargo using physical inspection, questioning and profiling.

International travellers on arrival are required to complete the customs/ quarantine declaration forms truthfully. All foods, plant products and animal products must be declared for inspection to ensure they are free of pest and diseases. Items that are not intended for declaration should be disposed in the quarantine bins in the arrival lounge.