Import General Information

All goods and items entering PNG are subject to quarantine inspection. Inspections are carried out at the Airport, Seaport and International mail exchange to ensure that items are free of pest and disease infestations and contaminants. Importation of animal and animal products, plant and plant products and biological products (micro-organisms) require an appropriate import permit from relevant organisations and NAQIA prior to import. Application forms for the permission to import food stuff of plant or animal origin, live plants and animals and biological products (micro-organisms) can be obtained from your closest NAQIA office in the country

Appropriate application for permission to import must now be applied online for screening and approval. Upon approval, permits are issued for importation of the goods. Presentation of original permit is required for quarantine clearance of goods. Import of biological (micro-organisms) and or biological control agents require an approval to be sought from the Chief Conservator of Fauna, Department of Environment and Conservation and a valid import permit from NAQIA. (PLANTS)


  1. Animal and Animal Products
  2. Plant and Plant Products
  3. Fish and Fishery Products
  4. Rice
  5. Edible Fungi and Others
  6. Biological Items
  7. Other Bio-security Items
  8. Used Vehicles and Machinery

All PNG Importers and our Suppliers from other countries must first apply for an online member account. The import permit must be applied and payment made online in order to be provided a permit. This must be done 4-6 weeks prior to shipment from port of origin. The Import Permit now includes a QR code for electronic verification. After an approval is given, payment again is made online. NAQIA has a non-refundable policy so care must be taken when paying for the permit. A permit may last for a period of 6 months after which another permit for the same product must be sought.


 All suppliers of products and commodities are required to apply for an account online. After which the supplier must apply for a QR code for the product that will be supplied. PNG NAQIA has now introduced this policy to ensure all products entering the country are approved and certified.


Description GL Code Fee Unit
Import Permit - Processed and Manufactured Goods (Plant Origin) 041110 K112.00 Per Application
Import Permit - Processed and Manufactured Goods (Animal Origin)   041120 K112.00 Per Application
Import Permits - Live Plants - Nursery Stock/Propagative Materials/Seeds  041125 K224.00 Per Genera per consignment
Import Permits - Live Animals Biological Control Agents(BCAs)  041145 K224.00 Per Application
Import Permits - Pet Animals and Guard Dogs  041141 K224.00 Per Animal
Import Permits - Livestock and Agric Species  041142 K224.00 Per Species
Import Permits - Aquatic Species  041143 K122.00 Per Consignment
Import Permits - Poultry  041144 K122.00 Per Consignment
Import Permits - Biologicals  041125 K224.00 Per Application
Transit Permits  041152 K672.00 Per Application



List of lab services


These are the approved NAQIA approved fumigation companies


 Here are some other useful information that all importers and suppliers must know

  • If you are unsure of the import condition of a product contact a PRA/IRA.
  • e-phyto or animal health certificate for both importers and exporters.