International Mails To PNG

All international mail is subject to quarantine inspections upon arrival at the International Mail Exchange at the Boroko Post Office, NCD. Items of Quarantine Risk must be declared. Quarantine Risk Items are inclusive of live animals and plants and their products as consignments and its packaging material. Labelling of the consignments must be in English and appropriate.


  • Do not send prohibited items (food, or items of plant or animal origin)
  • Do not use packing material that has been used to hold fresh fruits or vegetables, eggs, meat or animal products.
  • Straw and dried plant materials used for packing are prohibited – use bubble wrap or paper
  • Fill out the declaration form correctly (including packaging material)
  • If you are unsure, contact a NAQIA office

As part of the clearance of cargo at the points of entry, all imported items are subject to quarantine inspections in order to enforce compliance with the import conditions per the original import permit presented for clearance and to ensure that the consignment and its packaging material is free of pests and disease.