About Us


NAQIA (pronounced as NA-KEE-YA) is the acronym for “ N ational A griculture Q uarantine and I nspection A uthority”.

NAQIA is a statutory government institution created in 1997 by an Act of Parliament . It is mandated to provide for the protection of animals, plants, and the environment from exotic pests and diseases, in the interest of national, social and economic development of Papua New Guinea .


[a] To prevent and minimize the risk of entry and spread of exotic pests, diseases and weeds that may be harmful to plants, animals and the populace.

[b] To maintain and improve collaborations with other countries and international organizations on animal and plant health and quarantine matters to protect domestic industries and ensure high quality of products for domestic and international markets

[c] To ensure that quality of our agricultural exports are of a high standard and that they conform to quarantine requirements set by the importing country.

[d] To maintain high quality standard for food imports for the safety and health of the people.

[e] To protect and promote sustainable agriculture development by reviewing, developing and instituting appropriate legislation on agricultural quarantine, quality assurances imports and exports and environmental aspects of agricultural industries.


NAQIA is recognized as a professional organization that contributes to the prosperity of Papua New Guinea through the protection of pants, animals and Human life.


The mission of NAQIA is to:

  • protect animal, plant and human life from pest and disease through the provision of quality quarantine services
  • Assist international trade through supportive trade facilitation services and programs for the benefit of the people of PNG.

Our Function

The National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority Act 1997 defines our function. In summary we:

  • Provide quarantine inspection for international passengers, cargo, mail, animals, plants and animal or plant products arriving in PNG.
  • Inspect and certify exports to ensure compliance with international quarantine standards.
  • Facilitate the export of PNG agriculture by providing information, inspection and certification to meet country requirements.
  • Inspect and treat vessel, aircrafts, vehicles equipments and machinery used in importing and exporting animal, fish and plants.
  • Regulate the movements of animals and plants with in PNG to control and prevent the spread of pests and disease.
  • Undertake quarantine surveillance and monitoring at borders and within PNG
  • Monitor asses and carryout test on animals, fish and plants that are introduced into PNG to ensure they are free from pests and diseases.
  • Provide analysis and identification of animals, fish and plants samples and pest and disease specimen
  • Respond and control invasive pest and disease incursions.
  • Raise public and industry awareness of quarantine and export requirements. Deliver general awareness programs and animal health extension services to rural communities.
  • Establish and maintain links with government and industry clients and stake holders.
  • Liaise with other countries and international agencies in developing policies , strategies and agreements relating to quarantine matters.
  • Recover the cost of providing through a user pay program
  • Provide policies and legislative advice to the minister and the government on quarantine matters.