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National Veterinary Services

Animal Health and Quarantine Services – Veterinary Field Services

Veterinary Clinics

NAQIA runs veterinary clinics in its four regional offices. Each regional veterinary office is headed by the regional veterinary officers (RVO) who is the veterinary clinician. The RVO’s are base in Port Moresby (Ph: 320 0771), Lae (472 5202), Rabaul (-), Goroka (7321669). This VET’s also do make out of office clinic trips to centers in the respective regions.

Stock inspection services

Through its regional vet offices and stock inspectors, NAQIA carries out stock inspection activities which include managing a registry of animal ownership, stock brand registry and regulation of internal animal movements within PNG under the animal act and animal disease and contact act.

Meat Inspection Services

Under the slaughtering act, NAQIA regulates hygiene and sanitation standards in all major abattoirs and slaughterhouses in PNG as well as carrying out regular inspections of slaughtering procedures and for renewal of slaughter establishment license annually.

Animal Disease Surveillance

Animal health surveillance comprises of Passive surveillance (Through reports of disease, through our regional animal health services, province and general public, as well as during observation of meat inspections) and active surveillance (With NAQIA and provincial animal health officers doing patrols to actively collect samples for disease tests)
NAQIA normally concentrates on sundaun and western province as area of high risk and priority. But NAQIA will now also do active in other areas of PNG especially New Guinea Islands (NGI) and coastlines of the mainland where logging and fishing activities occur with are high quarantine risk areas.

 Para veterinary Training

A lot of our work as mentions above requires adequate trained animal health officers. Hence NAQIA, with collaborations with Department of Agriculture & Livestock (DAL), University of Natural Resources & Environment (Vudal) and the Secretariat of the pacific Community (SPC) have launched A Pilot phase para veterinary training to train personnel already in the workforce. The second phase para veterinary training will be institutionalized for accredited qualifications.

Animal Quarantine

NAQIA controls entry of diseases of quarantine concerns through import permit control. The animal health technical officers provide the advisory support to form the basis of import conditions. As competent certifying authority, NAQIA certifies documentation for export of animals and animal products.

Veterinary Laboratory Services

This comprises of quality tests for import and exports of food products. Our clinical diagnostic capacity is limited to highly pathogenic avian influenza and Newcastle disease. We hope to further develop our veterinary diagnostics capacity at our National Veterinary Laboratory.
We also have collaborations with off shore laboratories for confirmatory diagnostics as well as for twining and capacity building.


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