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AQC 04-Canned Pig Meat
AQC 06(a)-Stock Feed
AQC 06(b)-Fish Meal
AQC 09-Cattle
AQC 10-Horses, Donkeys and Mules
AQC 11-Live Sheep
AQC 12-Goats
AQC 13-Live Pigs
AQC 14-LIve Poultry
AQC 15-Dog and Cats from Permitted countries
AQC 15-Dog and cats from Non-permitted countries
AQC 15A-Semen
AQC 16-Lab animals
AQC 19_99-Aquarium fish
AQC 19-Salmon
AQC 21-Fresh frozen fish
AQC 01_08- General Conditions
AQC 02(a)-Fresh, chilled or Frozen meats and small Goods
AQC 02(b)-Fresh Chilled or Frozzen meat and Small Goods from Export Registered
Australian Meat Establishments

AQC 03-Canned meats Poutlry, Seafoods other than Pork
AQC 05-Milk and Dairy Products (Other than Stockfeed)

Rice Import Conditions Potato import conditions
PQC 58-General Conditions for Rice
PQC 59-Rice Ex Egypt
PQC 60-Rice Seeds for sowing

PQC 61-Rice Ex Australia

PQC 62-Rice Ex Japan for Drought Relief
PQC 63-Rice Ex USA
PQC 64-Rice Ex India – Kakinada
PQC 65-Rice Ex Vietnam
PQC 48-Potato starch and similar products
PQC 49-Potato seed Potato tubers for propagation.
PQC 46-Potato seed micro-tubers grown from tissue culture
PQC 50-Potato starch or powder for processing
PQC 88-Cambodia Rice PQC 51-Potato tubers from Australia and New Zealand for consumption
Seeds import conditions Soya Bean Meals
PQC 16-Commercailly Packed seeds for sowing
PQC 17-Commercially packed seeds for repacking
PQC 70-Soya bean meal Ex Malaysia
PQC 72-Soya bean meal Ex USA
PQC 73-Soya bean meal from USA Ex Australia only
PQC 67-Seeds for Bird feed
PQC 69-Sorghum Seeds for sowing Soil, sand and gravel
PQC 71-Soya bean seeds for sowing – other countries PQC 52-Pottery Clay oil drilling earth
PQC 53-Potting Mix
PQC 77-Sugar Cane seeds setts for growing PQC 83-Sandstone gravel
PQC 86-Jathropa seed Jathropa Curcus for propagation PQC 68-Soils for geological Analysis
PQC 27-Legume Seeds for Sowing from Asian Countries
PQC 28-Maize Seeds from sowing from Asian Countries and others
PQC 29-Maize Seeds from sowing from Australia and New Zealand
Tissue culture
PQC 39-Oil Palm tissue culture
PQC 56-Rhizobium Innocullum
PQC 57-Rhizobium in culture
PQC 15-coffe Tissue culture for Propagation
PQC 45-Plant tissue culture
PQC 30-Maize Seeds from sowing from Mexico CIMMYY only PQC 44-Transit requirements plants and parts of plants
PQC 40-Oilpalm seeds from Costa Rica PQC 78-Coconut tissue culture
PQC 43-Peanut seeds for sowing  
PQC 81-Tuber Crops true seeds for propagation Cereal Grains
PQC 13-Cereal from Australia and New
PQC 82-Wormwood seeds for sowing PQC 12-Cereal grains from Australia and New Zealand
  PQC 23-grain flour for consumption from Asia
Seedlings import conditions
PQC 31-Mango Seedlings/Budwood for propagation  
Live Plants
PQC 04-Avacado - Persia americana - bare rooted seedlings/plants
PQC 05-Bambusa SPP - Bare rooted plants/ Seedlings
PQC 06-Nursery Stock- Barerooted Plantlets or seedlings
PQC 19-Cut Flowers fresh
PQC 22-Ginger Nursery stock for Propagation
PQC 66-Rose Cuttings for Planting
PQC 85-Flower from Fiji
PQC 87-Rubber Latex Clone for propagation
PQC 36-Nursery stock Palm seedlings PQC 79-Partially processed tobacco leaf
PQC 42-Palms Bare rooted seedlings/plantlets PQC 37-Nursery stock orchids cuttings and plantlets
PQC 38-Nursery grafted/budded orchard fruit trees
Fruits and Vegetables PQC 80-Tree bark including pine trees as plant medium
PQC 21(a)-Fruits and Vegetables from Australia
PQC 21(b)-Fruits and Vegetables from New Zealand
PQC 90-Eagle wood Protocol
PQC 26-Bare Rooted cherry trees from Japan
Feeds Medecine
PQC 02-Aquaculture Feeds PQC 25-Herbal Medicine in Vials and bottles
PQC 20-Fooder Feed PQC 32-Medicinal herbs dried/fresh leaves
PQC 55-Stock feed commercially processed meal from Australia and New Zealand  
PQC 75-Stock feeds for birds PQC 08-Microorganism for BCA Fungi
PQC 09-Bio Specimen for ID
PQC 10-BCA - Insects
PQC 33-Mushroom mycellia for growing
PQC 34-Mushroom Spawn for growing
Pop Corn PQC 01-Plant Imort Protocol
PQC 03-Artifacts
PQC 07-Buscket ware and handicraft made of Pandanus
PQC 11-Betel nut for consumption
Zealandflour and other processed grains
PQC 14-Cocoa in Flour Powder form for processing
PQC 41-Organic fertilizers
PQC 47-Pop corn from Australia and New Zealand
PQC 89-Popping Corn from USA
PQC 18(a)-Dried copra for processing
PQC 18(b)-Dried Copra for Processing ammended
  PQC 54-Processed peanuts from China
PQC 74-Starch and other flour packed in bags
PQC 84-Importation of Quarantine Plant Materials

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