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Exporting from PNG

Most biosecurity or quarantine organisations of other countries will have import conditions for commodities. These conditions must be adhered to in order to export to that country.   Intended exporters are requested to obtain the Import Conditions of the importing country before seeking certification from NAQIA.   Once the exporter has the Import Conditions for the commodity and country, NAQIA may issue a Health Certificate or Phytosanitary Certificate if needed, upon inspection of the commodity.

Please note that NAQIA will not certify the QUALITY of an export product, we will only certify for the pest and disease status of the product.

Export documents certified by NAQIA:

•  Animal Health Certificate

•  Phytosanitary certificate

•  Vaccination certificates

Please also be advised that some items need special permission to be exported.   Items made from animals protected by CITES needs permission to export which can be obtained from the PNG Department of Environment and Conservation.

Fish exports need to be cleared with the National Fisheries Authority.


Chief Agriculture Quarantine Officer/ Chief Veterinary Officer

Ph: 325 9977 fax 3251673

Email: cvovet@online.net.pg

Regional Veterinary Officers

•  Southern

•  Momase

•  Islands

•  Northern




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